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Suppliers of Fashion Garment Accessories
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Frequently asked Questions

  1. Can I buy directly from China ?

    Yes if you would like to then you can deal directly with the China sourcing office,

    you would then be liable to pay all shipping / taxes to your relevant country

  2. How long have you been in the industry for ?

    We have been trading since April 1999,

    Unfortunately due to the Covid 19 Pandemic we had to change our company name,

    we were initially known as Packtex Ltd.

    We have a vast array of knowledge in the garment industry

  3. What kind of companies do you supply ?

    We supply all types of customers,

    If you have a need for any garment accessory we can help you

  4. Do you have a showroom to visit

    Yes we have a Big Showroom and have all our trims available if you wanted to visit and take a good look at the trims we supply

  5. Where are you based ?

    We are based in Leicester, East Midlands

  6. Do you have OEKO-TEX Certification

    We don’t currently have OEKO-TEX but are in the process of applying for our own certification

  7. Are all your trims Eco Friendly

    All trims supplied are to UK Store groups standards, Nickle, Lead, Cadmium Free

    We do testing every year to ensure the components we use are to standard

  8. What type of trims can you source / develop ?

    We are able to supply / source any trims you need,

    We just need to see an image and sizing of what your looking for,

    If it’s something that’s not available then we can develop the trim for you

  9. What is the delivery times ?

    We usually quote a 3 week delivery time on all trims, For Hottix Transfer we can deliver in 2 Weeks

  10. Do you have stocks on the floor ?

    No, We are a bit of a unique supplier,  We have sampling to show techniques / styles and use this to design / create a trim to the customer’s needs

  11. What is the minimum order quantity ?

    Our MOQ is 300pcs

  12. Do you supply to the public ?

    No, We only supply Wholesale Business to Business